Cultural Preservation

Ruraq Maki is committed to using materials and techniques culturally significant to the communities in which we work. In the age of globalization, where machine made products reach into the far corners of the globe, it is essential that communities retain their artisan traditions. Through cultural preservation, communities can become culturally empowered and visible in our ever-changing world.

Fair Trade Practices

We believe that all people deserve the right to earn a fair and just income for their work. Too often artisans work for wages far below the poverty line and are unable to increase their wages due to local and global competition. Without a reliable and livable wage, artisans struggle to feed their families and educate their children. Ruraq Maki pays artisans a fair trade standard wage and works to educate communities about fair trade pricing and practices.

Community-Based Solutions

Ruraq Maki’s goal is to act as a facilitator for communities rather than imposing Western “solutions” on a community. We are committed to collective decision-making within communities and structure our programs based on solutions generated by the community through open dialogue.


Ruraq Maki believes that to make truly transformative and lasting change, programs must be built around sustainability within the community. Our product designs use materials available locally to communities and we encourage communities to use our designs with outside buyers. Our educational program works to increase the technical skills of community members so they have greater control over the production of their products.