About Our Products

Ruraq Maki
Ruraq Maki

Ruraq Maki products are handmade by low-income artisan communities. All proceeds from the sale of our products go directly to support these communities. Ruraq Maki follows several principles when purchasing products:

Fair Pay

Ruraq Maki pays artisans fair trade standard prices and we pay artisans directly. We use Fair Wage Guide’s Fair Trade Calculator to ensure we are meeting global standards.

Fair Distribution of Work

Ruraq Maki seeks to create equality in the distribution of work. Often our pieces are made by several artisans. Bags and t-shirts from the Yanamilla Prison Project are embroidered by various women and in Bolivia, weaving orders are distributed amongst the community, ensuring all women have the opportunity to earn income.

Use of Traditional Materials

Ruraq Maki strives to use traditional materials and techniques in our products, working towards cultural preservation. Many of the materials used in our products are handmade and have important cultural links and meanings for the community. For example, products from the Yanamilla Prison Project are made from hand-woven manta, a material that is integral to the people of the Peruvian Andes. The weaving designs used by the women of Manos Independientes in Bolivia have been passed down for generations and are unique to their community

Artistic Expression

Ruraq Maki is committed to preserving the artistic expression of the artisans with whom we work. Many of our products are designed in collaboration with the community and, although the dimensions of our bags will not vary, the stylization, colors, and motifs of the weaving and embroidery vary depending on each artisan’s unique style.

All of our products are handmade and one of a kind. Visit our Online Store to purchase our products.