Day 7- What We Made

Riveted Pendants

Today was my last day in the prison and it was quick! When I arrived, I met Alberto who had forgotten his glasses in the prison. Once inside, we split up and he went to the workshop area to look for his glasses and I went to the women’s cell block to pay them for the jewelry.

While I was in the cell block, the guard informed me that the women couldn’t find his glasses and that they were freaking out. For the women, the worst thing that someone can think of them is that they are thieves. They are always very careful with the materials and count everything before and after class.

I joined the women in the workshop and we took all the materials out of their bags and searched and searched for his glasses. Alberto noticed how worried and anxious the women had become and told them that it was okay. He didn’t want them to be upset or get in trouble with the guard. Of course, at this point everything had already escalated, and the women were going one by one asking everyone if they had seen the glasses.

And then the guard found the glasses! They were on our work table which had been brought inside the day before.

Everyone was relieved! But most of all the women. Alberto told me later that he had already accepted losing the glasses and just didn’t want to women to worry more. Fortunately, they were found, which I assumed would happen eventually. One thing I know about the women in our programs is that they don’t steal things from the workshops and work very hard to ensure all materials are accounted for.

In case you missed what we made this trip, here’s a review!

We started with mandala stamped pendants:

Manadla pendants

Manadla pendants

Moved on to stamped metal cuffs:

Stamped Metal Cuffs-4

Took it up a notch with riveted pendants:

Riveted Pendants-5

Then it was time for leather work! First sandals:

Leather Sandles_Done-2

Then leather and metal stamped jewelry:

Leather Stamped Cuff-3

Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page and online store- in September our metal stamped jewelry will be on sale!

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